Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Showbie Class Discussion - Journal time help

Journal time is often overwhelming at the beginning of school.  When spelling words, so many kids get caught up in "how do you spell?"  I always encourage the kids to try 3 before me:  look on the word wall (also we have a digital word wall in Showbie Word wall Class), try to sound it out, and ask a friend.  For their 4th option of asking me, I came up with using Showbie's Class Discussion feature to help me out a bit. You will notice in the picture- a few of the students spelled words they knew, which is great for confidence.  I also use the voice memo option to answer kids who need to sound out words or look more carefully at the world wall-I simply say "sound it out" or "look at the word wall".  The kids did have a blast with this, fun journal time interaction.


Here's a student's journal page:


Showbie+GoNoodle+PicCollage App Smash=Sanity

My 1st graders and I love our GoNoodle time at the end of the day!  The only negative, for me, was song I came up with another routine to solve this problem.  

Here's what I did:

1.  I created a class in Showbie called:  GoNoodle - Pick 3
2.  I created an assignment in the class with screen shots of about 10 songs.  I will add new assignments with     different songs  each week for the students choose from.
3.  I have students use Showbie's new feature called Class Discussion to cast 3 votes.
4. We tally the votes to see which songs got the most votes and "voila" your songs have been picked for the day!

This seemed to fit right into our morning iPad work routine and the tally counting was a great math and social studies(voting) lesson at morning carpet time.  And let's not forget, I did not experience the end of the day bombardment of song choices, and really, everyone won because they ALL love ALL of the songs!