Saturday, October 22, 2016

Showbie Class Discussion - Journal time help

Journal time is often overwhelming at the beginning of school.  When spelling words, so many kids get caught up in "how do you spell?"  I always encourage the kids to try 3 before me:  look on the word wall (also we have a digital word wall in Showbie Word wall Class), try to sound it out, and ask a friend.  For their 4th option of asking me, I came up with using Showbie's Class Discussion feature to help me out a bit. You will notice in the picture- a few of the students spelled words they knew, which is great for confidence.  I also use the voice memo option to answer kids who need to sound out words or look more carefully at the world wall-I simply say "sound it out" or "look at the word wall".  The kids did have a blast with this, fun journal time interaction.


Here's a student's journal page:


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