Saturday, June 6, 2015

Create Clipart on an iPad

Here's my newly discovered Clipart making procedure.  You will need paper, pencil, marker, an iPad, apps-Back Eraser, Sketch Book Xpress, Absolute Board. (FREE Apps)
*I don't sell clip art and may never sell it(my clip art is for me and I want to share-but not convinced it is up to most people's standards)but I love to teach, I love to draw, I love "tech-y" 
teaching ideas, so I just wanted to share what I've been up to lately...

1. Draw a picture.
2. Trace with black marker.
3.  Take a picture with your iPad, edit-crop your pic.  (missed this step in video)
4.  Remove background in Back Eraser.
6.  If you wish to fill PNG with color-do so in Sketch Book.
7.  For extra details, go to Absolute Board.*missed in the video that you need to go to back eraser to
     erase background after creating details
8.  Go once again to Back Eraser and remove background.

*make sure you save the pics you want such as one with just lines and then one with color

KEEP WATCHING...I will make a video on how to create clipart in a couple of other ways-Solely Absolute Board and a combo of Open Office Draw + iPad.

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