Sunday, June 28, 2015

a Presidents' project from February

Scroll down to see the video-this pic isn't the project ;)

I am enjoying Philadelphia, even if it is raining… My hubby, Dannie, and I  went to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall while we waited on the rest of the gang to get here-(our flight was an earlier flight).  I thought I would include our picture(even though we were drenched) along with a presidents project my kids and I did in February since we are in one of our founding fathers' historical cities.  Here's what we did..

1.  The kids picked one or two presidents.
2.  They searched for images with guidance.
3.  They acquired personal dates for each president.
4.  They created a scrapbook page with the picture(s) and info they found.
5.  They saved their pages to my Dropbox (president folder).
6.  I pulled all of the pages together in Book Creator.

*special treat at the end of this video

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