Monday, June 1, 2015

iPads in Our 1st Grade Classroom

In this video you will see that the kids did most of the interviewing with their own iPads.  I simply pulled all of the material together to create our iMovie.  This video is one of the  featured videos in our school's iBook that that we entered to be named an Apple Distinguished school.

Here are some of the things you observe in the video:

~iPads used in center time with manipulatives such as word tiles for the app Word Wizard.
~RAZ Kids, a Learning A-Z app-kids read on their own level and at their own pace.
~Spelling City- Kids practice their weekly spelling words
~Book Creator-kids and teacher create class books on their own and together
~Showbie-students complete worksheet type work on their iPad…beginners take a little time to
   learn how to manipulate the screen and using a stylus…I LOVE it when the kids figure it out, it
   saves time and a TON of paper.
~Kidblog-we dabbled very little with this, hopefully I can give it another go next year.
~Scrappad-kids create digital scrapbook pages-they love this!
~QR Code Reader like iNigma-there are many others

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